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Who Makes the Cut to be Included in IT Central Station?

We get asked often how do we determine which products and services make the cut to be included in our site. It’s a good question and we want to clarify it here. IT Central Station is designed for professionals in the enterprise market, as opposed to SMBs (small, medium businesses). That means we include only products and services that meet the particular demands of enterprises and are customer-proven within the enterprise market. We think it’s important to distinguish between enterprises and SMBs because some products that are great for SMBs are simply not appropriate for use in an enterprise.

What is our definition of an enterprise? Well, there is no one industry standard definition, but we define an enterprise as an organization that has at least 1,000 employees or at least $250M annual revenues.

USS Enterprise

IT Central Station is designed for the Enterprise

What do we mean by customer-proven products and services? We keep our standards high, so we include in our site only products that are actively used by a minimum of 10 enterprise customers. That means that when you see a product or service listed on IT Central Station, you can be sure that there are other enterprise customers like yourself that are using it already, so you won’t be the first.

If you use a product or service that meets our inclusion criteria and is not listed in our site, please let me know! And while you’re at it, please write a review of a product or service you love to use. It is quick, free, and you’ll be helping the enterprise tech community while demonstrating how much you know!

Russell Rothstein

Russell Rothstein

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