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Use Reviews to Make Your Next User Event Engaging, Not Boring

Despite the blowout keynote speaker, the informative sessions and concerts from the likes of Pitbull and Imagine Dragons, attendees overwhelmingly say conferences are boring. The stigma holds that conferences are normally passive learning experiences; salespeople are often speaking at you and there really isn’t room for in-depth engagement.


People normally don't associate conferences with fun - just take a look at this chart!


What better way to make your event’s impact as an active learning platform even stronger than by harnessing the power of user reviews?

People going to conferences are ultimately looking to learn about your solution. They most likely did their research on your site before the event, but they need more. They need to trust that their colleagues enjoy using your product as well.

Conferences are also a great time to hear from your existing customers. After attending demos, sessions or just wandering around the show floor, your customers will have a lot of valuable feedback to share. In fact, according to IT Central Station’s review data, user reviews from events are 3x more in-depth than reviews submitted organically online.


Reviews from events are 3x longer on average than reviews submitted organically


Showcasing your user reviews is a great opportunity to put your customer opinion at the forefront of your next event and make a lasting impression with your potential customers.


Here are some great tips for how to collect and use peer reviews at your next event:

Top Rankings

If your product has a top ranking on a valued tech user review platform (like IT Central Station), let your users know! This gives you an instant boost of credibility, and provides that extra seal of approval that can get you both new and increased business from your potential customers.


Splunk was very excited to display their IT Central Station top ranking award at Cisco Live

Displaying or creating a top ranked banner for your booth is a great way to show potential buyers how much your customers love your product. Customers are always searching for the best product to use at their companies, so showing off your top ranking is a great initial selling point for your team.


Make it Simple to Get New User Reviews

It’s also a good idea to have a process in place where customers can give feedback easily as a user review. With your product at the forefront of their minds, customers at your event will be in the best mindset to provide in-depth feedback.


A ”review lounge” makes it easy to get reviews that are thoughtful and in-depth. People at Oracle OpenWorld were more than happy share their feedback with us when they could relax in a cozy and comfortable space.

A great way to get user reviews quickly and efficiently is by designating a station and at least one employee at the event for people to give reviews. Working with companies like IT Central Station, who are experts in collecting reviews at enterprise tech conferences, will make this process of collecting the most in-depth user feedback a streamlined and seamless experience.

Incorporate giving a review into the event’s passport contest to create an even stronger incentive. To make the process even easier, use the conference’s scanning device to collect the basic information off of an attendee’s badge. This not only lets you get their relevant information quickly, but then you can also get straight to asking them their opinion on your product.

Make your Hands-On Lab at the event an ideal place for getting user reviews as well. This is a place potential buyers can try out updated products or beta test in a hands-on setting. When they are finished have them give a review, which provides you with more up-to-date content to host on your website. Plus, this gives them something to talk about at the next coffee break.

Also, don’t forget the free swag! What better way to show your appreciation for your customer then by giving them great some cool swag after giving a review?



CA Technologies showing off their top rankings at CA World.


Signage is the easiest, most conventional way to show potential buyers that you are keeping your finger on the pulse of your tech community. In addition to traditional banners, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate reviews into each aspect of your event marketing.

One great way to take advantage of your user reviews is by adding them to the event app itself. While people are navigating the show floor with the app, these reviews will give them the valuable context they need before learning more at your product demo. This is a great opportunity to give your reviews a digital presence to complement the in-person experience at the event itself.

Another way to display your company’s reviews is with digital banners, which causes you to spend less money on printing (plus it’s environmentally friendly!). Have a computer screen, iPad, or projector exhibiting your recent user reviews for new customers to scroll through. This will give these customers extra insight into why their colleagues love your product before attending the next session.


Promoting your reviews in real time with digital banners is a great way to capture all the excitement of your conference while sharing what customers love about your product.

Promoting your reviews in real time with digital banners is a great way to capture all the excitement of your conference while sharing what customers love about your product.

Traditional banners displaying authentic user reviews at your booth also confirm your product’s service quality with credibility and trustworthiness. While your field marketing team is busy talking to potential customers, other attendees can get a personal feel of the product while hanging out by your booth.



Executives at top enterprise tech companies, including CEO of HPE Antonio Neri, here with our senior manager of events, know how important it is to harness the power of user reviews at their events.

These are just a few ways that user reviews can ensure your next event is engaging and not boring. What else have you done to make your events more exciting? Let us know in the comments below.

For more helpful blog posts check out IT Central Station’s blog.

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