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LinkedIn Meets IT Central Station and Oktopost for UnWebinar

On May 29th, The World’s First UnWebinar on B2B Tech Social Media takes place—are you in?

Ok, so what the heck is an UnWebinar? No slides, no boring presentations—just an open discussion via live video feed from a Google+ Hangout.UnWebinar

This Google+ Hangout for vendor marketing representatives will focus on:

The B2B marketing game field is changing dramatically. Social media and social marketing are at the vortex of the sweeping changes affecting B2B marketing professionals.

The lineup of “marketing ninjas” who plan to discuss the type of B2B marketing you need to hear includes:

Mike Weir                                   Russell Rothstein                Daniel Kushner
Global Head of Category          Founder and CEO of          Founder and CEO of
Development, Technology       IT Central Station                Oktopost
Industry at LinkedIn

Here’s what topics you can expect them to cover . . .

  • Directly tie social marketing programs to lead generation, CRM and the sales process
  • Demonstrate ROI from social media
  • Tap into the huge potential of customer advocates within social media platforms
  • Evaluate if your investments in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are bringing in sales
  • Utilize online review sites and community platforms to influence prospects early in the sales process

You can register for the Google+ Hangout by clicking here!

Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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