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Three Surprising Facts about Brand Advocates

In this blog I try to highlight the most interesting research about social networking, communities, and online reviews–which is usually centered around the consumer market–and show how these trends are starting to infiltrate our world of enterprise technology. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we are in an online review revolution with more and more people writing reviews of products they use as part of their daily routine. This revolution hit first the consumer world and is now hitting the enterprise business-to-business (B2B) world as well.

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In this vein, I recently read a report entitled “Three Surprising Facts about Brand Advocates” by a company called Zuberance. Brand advocates are basically happy customers who recommend the product or service to others. The following are the three “surprising” facts:

      1. Brand Advocates are even more actіve than prevіously thought. Brand Advocates recommend more brands, products and services more often and in more categories than earlier data suggested.
      2. Brand Advocates have even larger socіal networks than prevіous studіes showed. Brand Advocates have hundreds of friends and colleagues in their social networks. Their recommendations reach many more people than earlier estimates suggested.
      3. Brand Advocates’ recommendatіons aren’t lіmіted to consumer brands and products. Contrary to popular belief, Brand Advocates recommend both consumer and business products and services. Advocates recommend products that most people consider mundane, like anti-virus software and file transfer services.

This last sentence I think is what’s relevant to our world. Here at IT Central Station, we’re finding people are writing reviews about all different types of enterprise technology products, from the mundane to the cutting edge — IT management software, blade servers, marketing automation software, SaaS, cloud providers, and much more. You don’t have to be a “brand advocate” to write a review on IT Central Station – we have provided a platform for you to be heard, whether its a glowing 5-star review, a critical 1-star review or anything in between. If you haven’t already, browse the latest reviews or write your own review and make your contribution to the community!

–Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO, IT Central Station

Russell Rothstein

Russell Rothstein

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