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The Enterprise Tech Buying Process is Changing: Q&A with IT Central Station’s CEO

Recently our founder and CEO Russell Rothstein sat down with the folks at Fluke Networks for a Q&A session about the rapidly changing enterprise tech buying process. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Q: Can you tell us the story behind IT Central Station?

Executive Interview SeriesRussell: I’m a firm believer in starting a business based on helping people solve business problems. In developing IT Central Station, we talked to lots of tech buyers and decision makers who consistently mentioned the difficulty of due diligence. One CIO I talked to, for example, was frustrated that his staff had to spend hours sifting through websites to collect information. Buyers like this want access to their peers to learn from their experiences and get reliable information outside of what is provided by analysts and vendors. In fact, Forrester research shows that tech buyers seek out peer experiences and product reviews more than any other type of non-vendor content. IT Central Station fills this need by providing a platform for crowdsourced vendor-neutral reviews of hardware, software and services and guides users to a network of enterprise technology professionals.

IT Central Station also just made sense. People today increasingly check Yelp rather than a food critic’s column and TripAdvisor rather than travel columns and books. IT Central Station serves a critical gap in the market with our peer content.

In order to ensure that this content is unbiased and based on real experiences, we have a triple validation process including community monitoring, interviews and LinkedIn. This process provides transparency, which helps buyers know which users are in similar industries to allow them to make the most informed decisions about how a product will fit into their work environment.

Be a part of the review revolution! Join IT Central Station to access over 8,000 product reviews from your peers. Register here.

Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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