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Social Plus

We amplify your reviews on our social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Threading

Enterprise tech professionals want to know more about you and your competitors. They are searching online in blogs, forums, and social media channels. IT Central Station identifies emerging conversations and directs participants to your user reviews, targeting your potential customers.

Coverage Includes

Benefit Social Plus Social Threading Social Success
Find Users Making Inquiries Online  
Brand Awareness
Brand Reputation  
Increased Short Term Traffic  
Increased Long Term Traffic  
Increased Followers and Comparisons
More Exposure on Social Media

Program Benefits

More clicks from social, more views on your reviews.

We find users who are making inquiries, before they enter the sales funnel.

We amplify your positive user review, and make sure your prospects see them.

We can insert your user reviews into conversations about your competitors to influence users in their buying cycle.

Your user reviews can protect your brand from negative feedback.

Social threads continue to give value, long after the original conversation is over.

What our customers say

IT Central Station was ranked #1 when we asked leading members of the Oracle tech community which peer-to-peer technology review sites they were most aware of.
Roland Smart
VP of Social and Community Marketing at Oracle
We're now seeing a shift in the Customer First Revolution for business buyers who prefer B2B channels such as Linkedin and IT Central Station.
Jeb Dasteel
Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Oracle