Compelling thought-leadership report based on product reviews and peer content.

Buyers are looking for something new.

Why is it challenging to find high quality, trusted information on enterprise tech solutions?
Too much marketing
hype/empty buzzwords
Lack of truly independent,
unbiased information
Information is too general
Too time consuming to figure out
if source is reliable, trustworthy

Peer content is what they want.

What content do you rely on most when in the purchasing process for enterprise tech solutions?
Product reviews and opinions
Case studies
Analyst research
Vendor presentations
ROI tool, calculator or other
assessment tool
Third party market research
Source: IDG 2016 Customer Engagement Study

PeerPaper: Thought Leadership Document

We create a 6-8 page, professionally designed, thought leadership document
on the topic of your choice that includes:
  • Subject matter expert content about your market
  • Insights from user reviews and discussions on IT Central Station
  • Compelling narrative of your solutions and its benefits