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Peer Awards Criteria

Winning criteria: IT Central Station’s 2021 Peer Awards are based on an annual average of IT Central Station’s ranking algorithm. The total ranking of a product is based on a weighted aggregate score. The score is calculated as follows:

For each of Reviews, Views and Comparisons, the product with the highest count in each ranking factor gets a maximum 18 points. Every other product gets assigned points based on its total in proportion to the #1 product in that ranking factor. For example, if a product has 80% of the number of reviews compared to the product with the most reviews then the product’s points for reviews would be 18* 80% = 14.4.

Both Rating and Words/Review are awarded on a fixed linear scale. For Rating, the maximum score is 28 points awarded linearly between 6-10 (e.g. 6 or below = 0 points; 7.5=10.5 points; 9.0=21 points; 10=28 points). For Words/Review, the maximum score is 18 points awarded linearly between 0-900 words (e.g. 600 words = 12 points; 750 words = 15 points; 900 or more words = 18 points). If a product has fewer than ten reviews, the point contribution for Rating and Words/Review is reduced: ⅓ reduction in points for products with 5-9 reviews, two-thirds reduction for products with fewer than five reviews.

Reviews that are more than 24 months old, as well as those written by resellers, are completely excluded from the ranking algorithm.

All products with 50+ points are designated as a Leader in their category.