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Retirement Party—for Microsoft or for CEO Steve Ballmer?

retirementMicrosoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, announced that he’s stepping down in a surprise announcement last Friday. The investors rallied. But why?

Have a look at what Wall Street Journal’s, Don Clark and Shira Ovide have to say:

Steve Ballmer’s Mixed Legacy
“Gates’s Successor Helped Build Behemoth, but Missteps Leave Microsoft Vulnerable”

Here’s a brief rundown from the WSJ post:

“Mr. Ballmer had some successes during his tenure, including the building of Microsoft’s Xbox videogame business, and such major acquisitions as its $8.5 billion acquisition of the Web communications service Skype. He failed in a hostile bid to acquire Yahoo Inc. YHOO +0.02%for $44.6 billion, a defeat now widely regarded as a good thing; Yahoo’s market value currently stands at about $28 billion.”

Although Ballmer has gotten a lot of criticism, during his tenure Microsoft’s penetration in the enterprise market has flourished—launching key, highly rated offerings including Microsoft BI, Azure, Hyper-V, and SQL Server. [I thought Ballmer had an awesome influence on the Xbox for consumers and his sales kickoff’s were fun to watch on YouTube].

These Microsoft products for the enterprise have received 4 star ratings or higher on IT Central and  are rated higher than competing products from other companies. Read the reviews…

Follow them and write reviews if you’re currently using them. Become a part of what the Wall Street Journal calls “The Yelp for Enterprise Tech.”

Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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