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Meg Whitman, Dianne Green, Ginni Rometty, And Others Who Rocked It This Week in Enterprise Tech

I’m just back in the office after a knock out week in the Bay Area last week. Spent it meeting a number of our customers in the valley and also at the Summit on Customer Engagement which IT Central Station sponsored. Besides that, there was a whole lot of other interesting developments in the enterprise tech space, many of which were announced by some of the female titans in tech today. Fitting for a week that included International Women’s Day:

Meg Whitman, CEO of HPE, announced that HPE bought Nimble Storage for $1B. Great move by HPE as the enterprise flash storage market is on fire, and Nimble was trading at a low price due to some recent earnings misses. Whether this was an opportunistic move or a strategic one, I think this will be considered one of Meg’s top moves at HPE to date. Among the top enterprise all-flash array vendors, Nimble Storage has a 9.1 ranking (based on 35 Nimble Storage reviews), which is higher than EMC, NetApp, or HPE 3PAR.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff a “landmark” strategic partnership between Salesforce and IBM. It’s all about adding predictive intelligence from IBM Watson into the Salesforce platform which sounds to me more about vision than short term business for either company. After putting on this PR show, Salesforce announced shortly thereafter that it missed its expected earnings and sales forecasts, due to greater competition from other cloud software providers.

Diane Greene, SVP of Google Cloud, and Bernd Leukert, an executive board member for SAP products and innovation, announced that SAP has partnered with Google to deliver SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform. It’s a big win for both SAP and Google. It gives SAP more credibility in its movement to cloud, and it gives Google enterprise chops as it doubles down on the enterprise market (for example, Google’s new Hangouts for Enterprises.)

CA Technologies continues its acquisition spree in the DevOps market. CA President and Chief Product Officer Ayman Sayed announced that CA had bought Veracode. Veracode is most often compared to HPE Fortity, Checkmarx, and WhiteHall Sentinel by IT Central Station reviewers. In a review of Veracode, an IT Central Station member writes “Veracode is not cheap, but it is a tool capable of giving dynamic, static and even manual scan results in one platform. Veracode is one of very few options out there, and the very best.” In terms of room for improvement, he writes that it is lacking “to be able to upload source codes without being compiled. That’s one feature that drives us to see other sources.” Read all Veracode product reviews here.


Russell Rothstein

Russell Rothstein

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