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Leader’s Board at IT Central Station—Contributing to the “Yelp for Enterprise Tech!”

Leader's BoardBeing on the Leader’s Board at IT Central Station means that you’re well on your way to influencing the way tech pros are buying enterprise-level vendor solutions.

Check out the latest Leader’s Board here.

If you do not see yourself there now, don’t worry, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved. Write a review today to show your peers that you’re an expert at evaluating tools for specific enterprise needs.

For example, check out the latest reviews on Business Intelligence tools here.

IT Central Station gets the attention of your peers by its genuine vendor reviews. Get the momentum moving even faster by reading, commenting, and adding reviews for the solutions that you’ve been using. For example, look at the reviews for these tools and then find more that you can help to shape with your expertise:


Cognos Express    SQL Server Reporting . . .     QlikView        Microstrategy


You can just go to IT Central Stationjoin if you haven’t already—and then start building your profile.

Every review on IT Central Station has been verified to be an authentic review by a real user. You can count on the Station Master, Russell Rothstein and his team to continue to provide you with the kind of tech-buying community source that will shape the future. Take a look at how it all started here.

Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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