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HubSpot vs Marketo—Marketing Matchup

Marketing tools provide promise for scalable and efficient ways to get your content to the right audience. The better you do this, of course, the more prospects you get and ultimately more sales and revenue.

But at what cost and what is your return on investHubSpot vs Marketoment (ROI) for using these resources?

There will be some initial ramp up costs for certain. Make sure you also consider the “cost” to your employees in terms of usability and even job satisfaction.

No one likes to be mandated to use some tool that is hard to figure out while training might be sparse. We’ve all been there and it can be very frustrating. This cost could be higher than you think depending on how broad the scope, success, or failure of the tool manifests.

Here’s a quote about Marketo from a real user on IT Central Station,

Marketo gives me the toolset necessary to create automated drip email campaigns to my customers and prospects. HUGE ROI! Great customer service and still (relatively) nimble dev team always willing to help, even in special, or “one-off” scenarios.”

Quotes like these can help you make decisions and might help you get motivated in spite of any training hurdles. Selling to internal audiences for some solutions is very important if you’re the decision maker for IT tools.

At IT Central Station, you can begin your search for marketing tools such as Marketo and compare them to others. You can find out how others in your peer group are using specific aspects of the solutions you’re interested in adopting. You can also have your colleagues who you need to convince to take a look at reviews.

A matchup between Hubspot and Marketo is on the horizon. If you’re a real user start the reviews to establish yourself as a thought leader in marketing automation or enablement—or in another category depending on your role.

Or you might want to reach out to an established real user who contributed a review for any of the products on IT Central Station.

Here’s two ways you can do that, you can comment on the review and get into a dialogue of Q and A with the reviewer or even someone else who commented.Question

Or, you can “inbox” the reviewer directly from the site. Just push the Ask Me a Question button shown to the right.

For more information about becoming a contributor. see Become a Contributor.

Be a part of the “Yelp for Enterprise Tech” as referred to by the Wall Street Journal on IT Central Station.


Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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