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Four Company Departments That Can Use Your Review Content to Increase Revenue

Once you have invested in user reviews from your customers, the opportunities are endless for how you can use this quality, authentic content as part of your marketing strategy.  But how can your company really maximize these user reviews to bring in the highest ROI?

Here are four departments in your company that stand to benefit from user reviews:

1. Your SDR team

In-depth user reviews can be a great tool for your SDR team. We frequently hear from our own SDR team about their struggles to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Traditionally SDR teams use top-of-the-funnel marketing materials to demonstrate why it’s worth getting on the phone. Since user reviews are more compelling than nearly all other forms of top-of-the-funnel content, including white papers and analyst reports, this content is optimal for making the most impact with that first initial pitch.

2. Your Sales team

Your sales team loves marketing materials that demonstrate the value of your solution for users, especially when it differentiates you from your competition. Yet when marketing materials don’t reflect the values potential users care about, your lead generation efforts are in danger of producing a low number of B.A.N.T qualified leads.

User reviews provide evidence of where your solutions stand out vis-a-vis your competitors, helping your sales team to make a compelling case and bring in more revenue.

3. Your Customer Advocacy team

Customer Advocacy teams gather user feedback for marketing and sales, but each case study can generate hundreds of work hours. Finding users willing to display their identities and be an evangelist for your company is certainly no easy task, and compliance, both internally and from your user’s company, adds its own set of issues.

Positive user reviews, gathered by an external source allows users to be more honest than in a case study, and questions aren’t limited by internal protocols and regulations.

4. Your Lead Generation team

Your lead generation team wants to create gated content that resonates with your potential users. User reviews discussing both the pros and cons of your solution can be the key to bringing in more leads.

While a white paper may generate interest, and a case study will be even more powerful, user-generated content brings the highest returns. Retargeting to user content consistently has a higher click-through rate than vendor-generated content, leading to more leads, and more engaged prospects.

Julia Frohwein

Julia Frohwein

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